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Attention to Detail

Commercial Office and Retail

Austin Corporate Campus

Charles Schwab

Architect:  Page

Project Size: 250,000 SF New Construction  / 188,000 SF Renovation

Budget: Client Confidential


Administration Office Building

University of Texas System

Architect:  Page

Project Size:  342,000 SF

Budget: $74.5 M (Estimated)

Ronald Earl District Attorney Office Building

County of Travis

Architect: Page

Project Size:  200,000 SF

Budget: $42 M

Public Safety Headquarters Building and Parking Garage

City of San Antonio

Architect: Ford, Powell and Carson / Pfluger Architects

Project Size:  243,000 SF

Budget: $12 M

Port San Antonio Corporate Headquarters Building

Port San Antonio

Architect:  Beaty Palmer Architects

Project Size: 30,000 SF

Budget: $3.5 M

ACS Call Center Renovation

Port San Antonio

Architect:  RVK Architects

Project Size: 86,400 SF

Budget: $8 M

Class A Office Building

Brooks City Base

Architect:  Alamo Architects

Project Size:  70,000 SF

Budget: Client Confidential

Alamo Beer Brewery

Alamo Beer Company

Architect:  Lake | Flato Architects

Project Size:  35,000 SF

Budget: $5.7 M

Stone Ridge Retail Center

Reata Real Estate

Architect:  Alamo Architects

Project Size:  230,000 SF

Budget: $7 M