Healthcare and Federal

Federal Courthouse

General Services Administration

Architect:  Lake | Flato / Munoz and Company  / AECOM

Project Size:  306,597 SF

Budget: $135 M (Estimated)

Fort Knox Army Hospital (Bridging Documents)

US Army Corps of Engineers

Architect: HKS

Project Size:  460,000 SF

Budget: $423 M (Estimated)

North Campus Central Energy Plant

US Army Corps of Engineers

Architect:  RTKL

Project Size:  34,000 SF

Budget: $30 M

Robert L Jimenez Restoration Center (Phase 1 and 2)

Center for Health Care Services

Architect:  Chesney Morales & Associates Architects

Project Size: 21,000 SF New / 3,000 SF Renovations

Budget: $5.9 M

Robert B. Green Campus Clinical Pavilion

University Health System

Architect:  RTKL  / Overland Partners

Project Size:  239,000 SF

Budget: $84 M (Estimated)