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Attention to Detail

Parks and Open Spaces

Confluence Park

San Antonio River Authority Foundation

Architect: Lake | Flato Architects / Rialto Studio

Hemisfair Civic Park

City of San Antonio / HPARC

Architect: GGN / Alamo Architects

Hemisfair Yanaguana Garden

City of San Antonio / HPARC

Architect:  MIG

The Green Line

Brooks Development Authority

Architect: Beaty Palmer

Main Plaza

City of San Antonio

Architect: Lake | Flato Architects / SWA Group

Riverwalk  Master Plan and Capital Improvements

City of San Antonio

Architect:  Beaty Palmer Architects

Brackenridge Park Master Plan

City of San Antonio

Architect:  Rialto Studio / Ford, Powell & Carson / Work5hop

Sesame Bay of Play

Seaworld of Texas

Architect:  Fisher Heck Architects

Hardberger Park Land Bridge

Hardberger Park Conservancy

Architect:  Rialto Studio